The Jim Ross Report Recap w/ Nita Strauss – Becky Lynch’s Bad Break, Ross’ Future in Wrestling, Strauss’ Interaction with McMahon, More!

Ross opens today’s show by discussing the Becky Lynch situation. He notes that he really enjoyed RAW on Monday mostly due to the women, as he feels that they’re involved in the most captivating storylines at the moment. He notes that the Lynch/Rousey angle that ended the show was great, and it’s very unfortunate that it resulted in an injury to Lynch.

He notes that this match can be revisited at some point down the road because fans already have an emotional investment in it now. He also points out that this injury could propel Lynch to even greater heights in WWE as fans have clearly gotten behind her, and this could be something that puts her over the top as a huge star.

WWE announced this past week that WrestleMania 34 brought $175 Million to the local economy of New Orleans. Ross points out that some people have doubted this number and feel it’s inflated. He’s not sure if it’s inflated or not, but he doesn’t think that number is out of the question. When you add up flights, hotels, meals, transportation and more, there’s no denying the positive economic impact that WrestleMania has on its host city each year.

Ross notes that his contract with NJPW and AXS TV is ending at the end of the year. He’s voicing over the last few episodes of NJPW for AXS TV this week, and he’s sad to see this partnership end. He had a lot of fun working with Josh Barnett and the other people involved in that show, and he’ll miss that part of his life. He also informs that his WWE contract will be ending at the end of March, and then he’ll weigh his options before making any decisions regarding his future.