Brock Lesnar is WWE Universal Champion once again and he’s not likely to defend his title again this year. So the next place we’re probably going to see a Universal Title defense is at the Royal Rumble in January. But after that, he has WrestleMania to consider and WWE still has a couple of options.
This situation is just one of the many ways Roman Reigns’ leukemia announcement has changed WWE’s booking plans. If not for Roman’s absence, he would most likely be defending the Universal Title at WrestleMania against either Drew McIntyre or Dean Ambrose. But Lesnar is the champion again so WWE needs to figure something out.
Dave Meltzer discussed this situation on Wrestling Observer Radio where he went through the possibilities on what WWE’s options are at the moment.

“There’s nobody to bring back from the past so if you’re going to put anyone with Lesnar I mean there’s not a lot of options really when you think about it. There’s Strowman but I was told it wasn’t going to be Strowman. There’s McIntyre, there’s AJ, Bryan — probably not again unless Bryan beats him and then they can do Bryan again.”
“They can always take somebody out of nowhere but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of options for that spot so AJ does seem pretty viable for it.”

Only time will tell how WWE ends up fixing their problem of having a part-time Universal Champion or if it’s a strategy they want to keep around by backing up the money truck to Brock Lesnar and Sable’s house. But it seems like when Vince McMahon decided to put the WWE Championship on Daniel Bryan this weekend, he had something in mind. The only question is what his plans were switched around to.
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