WWE’s Plan To Protect Alexa Bliss Upon Her In-Ring Return

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Alexa Bliss means a lot to her fans and even more for the fans of the babyfaces that she goes against. After all, if there were no heels then babyfaces would be needed to fight with them.

But Bliss is out of action due to a few concussions and WWE is playing it safe at this point and not letting her compete. It’s good that they’re allowing her to remain on television and she is captain of the Women’s Survivor Series team, but that’s about all she’s doing at this point.

Brad Shepard noted on the Oh, You Didn’t Know podcast that WWE will be including Bliss in 6-woman tag team matches as a way to protect her moving forward. She is booked for house shows, but WWE obviously doesn’t want to take any chances with her.

Bliss is working out again, but she’s taking her training lightly and moving at a slow pace. She said that at this point she wants progress instead of perfection. But it’s also good to know that WWE isn’t going to put her in any risky situations for a bit when she does return.

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