NXT continues to grow in popularity. With the addition of NXT UK being created and added to the WWE Network, it is clear the vision Triple H has to expand is coming true. During a media call ahead of NXT TakeOver: War Games this Saturday, “The Game” commented on the future of the NXT product.
During the media call, Mike Johnson of PWInsider asked Triple H to explain what kind of an international push is ahead for NXT. This led to Triple H touting the success of the tryout in Germany and makes reference to the plans to expand globally. In fact, the former WWE Champion explains that further announcements on the future of NXT will be made early next year.
One of the ideas Triple H presents is the idea of an international pipeline. Through this, talents would not, in theory, have to work for indies. “The Game” stresses that this isn’t a knock on the indies, but an acknowledgment on the conditions indie wrestlers can find themselves in. Some promotions or areas don’t offer doctors, good working conditions and sometimes the pay is little to nothing. WWE would attempt to rectify this.
Long-term, Triple H wants the pipeline to go around the globe. He believes this is good for both the talent and WWE alike. As time goes on, they get closer to achieving this. The “King of Kings” believes the company isn’t far away from achieving that.
Triple H also confirmed that NXT UK won’t have live events until there is enough of a demand for it. He doesn’t feel that this is too far away, given the reactions the shows have been getting. The goal is essentially to replicate what is happening with NXT in North America over in the UK. He also went on to confirm UK guys will work WrestleMania 35 week, and Superstars will appear on both NXT and NXT UK, regardless of which branch they start off with.
Moving forward, Jason Powell asked Triple H if the goal is still to move all talent to RAW and SmackDown Live or whether there will be some talent that remain in NXT. Triple H confirmed that they are heading into the direction where more talent remain with NXT, given that many of the Superstars that go to the main roster don’t find success, despite their level of talent.
Where would you like to see WWE implement a branch of NXT? Would you attend local tours for your branch of NXT? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

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