Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Kevin Kelly – Working with The Rock, First Meeting with Vince McMahon, Shooting the Iconic Austin/Pillman Angle, More!

Jericho welcomes Kevin Kelly to the show.

Kelly informs that he left WWE in 2003 and he struggled to find more wrestling work. He decided to get into sales and learned a lot about how to sell things, which wasn’t all that different than his previous work in the wrestling business. He notes that a play-by-play man’s job is to always “keep the boat going straight”, and to give fans a reason why each match is happening.

He learned that from Jim Ross, who was actually present when Kelly auditioned to work for WWE in 1995. He called a match with Ross during his audition and he thought he did terrible, but later he got a call to come back in and meet Vince McMahon. He has no recollection of what he said to McMahon because he was so nervous, joking that he probably threw up on him, but he does recall telling McMahon that he’d be loyal to him, and he got the job.

Kelly points out that people don’t really know the type of guy that Vince McMahon is. He points out that McMahon was very loyal to a lot of older talent who were working as road agents during the mid-90s. He had no idea why some of those people were even there because some of them weren’t doing anything, but he realized that McMahon was very loyal to them and they were going to have a job for life.

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