Big WWE TLC Match Possibly Scrapped After Pre-Survivor Series Changes

Daniel Bryan winning the WWE Championship on the go-home SmackDown Live before Survivor Series was a pretty bold move that switched up plans for this Sunday’s show in Los Angeles. But it turns out that it could have also changed up another plan for December’s California-based WWE pay-per-view.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE’s plan for TLC was to have The Miz and Daniel Bryan battle once again, this time supposedly ending their feud. But now that match seems to be up in the air.

“The Miz and Daniel Bryan were scheduled for their blow-off in San Jose [at TLC] I figure that’s out the window now. So I figure they got to do a gimmick match between AJ and Daniel Bryan for San Jose.”

It was noted that The Miz and Daniel Bryan could always become a  heel team because they do work well together. Teaming up with The A-Lister might also help him get over as a bad guy if he became friends with The Miz after they feuded for years. But one thing is for sure, their match at TLC might be up in the air after Bryan’s big title win.

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