WWE SmackDown Live Results — November 13th, 2018

They showed the extra security guards at the entrances all forming a plan of action. They don’t want an invasion to take place in St. Louis.

They showed Becky Lynch backstage and her face was all bruised up. She will address the SmackDown crowd next.

Becky Lynch’s Annoucnement

Paige started out in the ring and introduced all of the women’s roster one by one.

Paige said that Lynch can’t wrestle at Survivor Series but she’s about to come down and pick her own replacement. When Becky came out, the pop was huge. She’s incredibly over and looked tough as nails with a bruised and busted up face while holding up her title.

Becky said she’s angry and then she said that she’s sorry she can’t finish what she started yet. She said Ronda wasn’t the baddest, she’s the luckiest.

Then she picked her replacement. She took her time and then she stood up to Charlotte Flair and picked her. Flair shook Lynch’s hand and then they hugged in the ring.

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