Could Paul Heyman Replace Corey Graves On WWE Commentary Team?

Paul Heyman’s services were needed on Raw to fill in for Jerry Lawler when he left the company in 2001. But after The King returned, Heyman was moved off camera and into a backstage role in the company as a writer. Now he’s an Advocate and also working backstage. But could WWE have him put a headset back on and commentate?

He would do great because it’s Paul Heyman. But the issue might present itself that the constant verbiage being handed to the announce team throughout the show might not mesh with Heyman’s style.

Dave Meltzer discussed this idea on Wrestling Observer Radio where he said that in order to put Heyman in a commentator role, they’d likely have to move out another staple of the announce team, Corey Graves.

“You know they may not have thought he did an amazing job because at the time everyone wanted [Jerry] Lawler back. I mean he could be, but I think he’s better doing this than — I don’t want to say that because God, the announcers are so bad. So he may be pretty powerful. I mean Graves is there and Graves is good. So I guess that’s the role Heyman would have is he would have the Graves role.”

You can never say never in WWE, but it looks like they’re not itching to get Paul Heyman back in the announce team. After all, they have their own chemistry and it seems to be doing what they want at this point. It was noted that Heyman is working in a backstage capacity, especially working with Ronda Rousey on her promos which are very successful. So that’s another notch in Heyman’s belt and more proof that WWE’s typical verbiage just isn’t working.

At this point though, it seems like things are working just the way WWE wants them to in regards to their commentary team. So Graves has no risk of being moved off either of his main roster gigs. But if Heyman would be considered for a move back to the announce table, then WWE might have to make a tough decision. Only time will tell if it will come to that though.

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