Nia Jax Could Get WWE Raw Women’s Title Match Against Ronda Rousey After Injuring Becky Lynch

Nia Jax threw an elbow at Becky Lynch during the angel on Raw this week where Lynch led her troops into battle. It was a pretty stiff shot which you can check out here thanks to some great fan footage. Now it seems like the Survivor Series champion vs champion match isn’t happening because Becky Lynch is out with an injury of a broken nose and a possible concussion.

WWE thought Lynch was going to be okay, and now as we previously reported, they are battling a few options around to figure out what they’re going to do.

Bryan Alvarez mentioned one plausible option was brought up on Wrestling Observer Live which is worth visiting. After all, Nia Jax won the women’s battle royal at WWE Evolution which promised her a future title shot. With Lynch supposedly off the card and WWE needing a match for Ronda Rousey, they might go with a quick fix.

“If you guys recall at Evolution this person [texting in] notes Nia Jax won a future title shot. So Nia may have inadvertently injured Becky Lynch and ends up with a match against Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series. She didn’t do it on purpose, but can you imagine?”

“You know what? Things like this have happened a million times throughout wrestling history.”

Only time will tell how WWE writes their way out of his mess. But it seems like they can’t catch much of a break recently as their roster takes one huge loss after another.

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