Chasing Glory Recap w/ Mojo Rawley – Joining the Performance Center, Current Frustrations in WWE, Tagging With Zack Ryder, More!

Lillian Garcia is joined on today’s show by Mojo Rawley.

Rawley informs that his family is a diverse, tight-knit group. He’s half Arabic, but his parents decided not to teach him and his siblings a lot of the Arabic language when they were kids because they didn’t want their children to develop a strong accent which could potentially make them targets for bullying at school. Rawley thanks WWE for providing language classes to their performers, because he’s been able to take Arabic classes over the last couple of years in order to learn more of the language.

Rawley informs that he played college football but realized early on that he needed a backup plan. He took business classes because he really enjoyed the world of business, and he informs that he actually interned in the financial world in the 7th grade. He turned down a scholarship at one school in order to pursue a greater challenge at the University of Maryland, but that turned out to be a real tough situation

He was paying his own way and trying to make a very good football team as a real underdog. The coaches/management don’t like it when guys walk onto their teams like that and beat out guys who were drafted and given scholarships by the school, so that made his road even more difficult.