Watch Ronda Rousey’s Impressive Backstage Promo On WWE Raw

Ronda Rousey showed up to Raw in Kansas City to do all she could to hype Survivor Series and her match against Becky Lynch. When the night was said and done, Rousey would take a couple chair shots. But before that went down she cut a stellar promo backstage.

Rousey is gearing up to face Becky Lynch in a champion vs champion contest that the fans really want to see. She got very serious as she cut a passionate backstage promo on Raw that left Charly Caruso somewhat speechless by her last line.

“I sure as hell didn’t pour my heart and soul into changing the meaning of ‘Fight Like A Girl’ so the leader of the Women’s Evolution could call herself The Man.”

You can check out the entire promo below to see what we’re talking about. If anything it should be another example of a promo that was most likely written by Ronda Rousey with the help of Paul Heyman because those two work so well together and nobody else in WWE speaks like Rousey for a reason.

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