ROH is currently home to The Elite where their stories play out on pay-per-view. Ring Of Honor was also extremely helpful in the pay-per-view broadcast of ALL IN as well. But it looks like a big career decision for The Elite could lead them out of ROH.
Mike Johnson elaborated about this in detail on PW Insider Elite audio where he revealed that ROH is currently looking into the indies for new top stars since it looks like they’re about to lose a huge chunk of their roster. They have Jeff Cobb in mind to come in and work, but they will likely need a few more if the entire Elite group decides not to re-sign.

“ROH is definitely in the seek and sign mode right now. Like I said there are a number of talents who’s deals are expiring in January. Cody has pretty much made it clear that he looks to be leaving. The Young Bucks are obviously looking into the horizon at something that’s potential out there beyond the Ring Of Honor borders. Adam Page, you probably have to think he’ll link arms with those 3 and move on.”
“So if 3 of the 4 leave or even 4 of the 4 left, you’ve got a pretty sizeable hole right there and Ring Of Honor’s going to have to work to bring in new talents. There are a number of talents I know they’ve been scouting in the recent weeks both here in the United States and abroad about bringing in as regulars.”
“I mentioned a while back, Jeff Cobb is expected to sign if he hasn’t already. He’s going to be signing on with Ring Of Honor and going to be a full-timer with them. I’ve heard that they are looking at some other talents who are pretty hot on the independent scene right now. But until I get that second-sourced, I don’t want to name names. Some of these names that are mentioned, some of them could end up in Ring Of Honor making future appearances and some of them could end up with Ring Of Honor deals. I haven’t heard anything about their specific futures with Ring Of Honor. I won’t lie to you and act like I have or pretend that I have. But I do know that Ring Of Honor is very much in the ‘We may be losing talents this year. We have other contracts that are coming up and we don’t know what the future of those talents will be so we need to start to protect ourselves and preparing for the next line of defense so that we have a new fresh batch of people.'”

If The Elite leaves ROH, then they will need to figure out something else to do. At this point, it’s not looking like Cody will re-sign with ROH, then again he’s surprised us many times before. If the entire group has agreed to stick together, then they might be in it for the long haul somewhere else other than ROH.
But in the meantime, it looks like ROH is gearing up for a possible big loss to their roster in the meantime so while The Elite might be leaving, some more exciting names could be on the way for Ring Of Honor fans.
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