The art of pro wrestling isn’t ballet and that won’t change no matter how careful people try to be in the ring. But in the modern-day era of pro wrestling where so many of the shots have to be snug in order to make it believable, people are going to get injured. It seems that high definition television means we can see things clearer and the public’s love of MMA has brought a harder-hitting version of pro wrestling with a hybrid of many things and a variety of dangerous innovative moves. But William Regal has a great reason to avoid this kind of activity.
While showing off a picture of his surgically repaired neck, the NXT General Manager warned against dangerous moves in the ring in a very serious manner.

“This is my neck today. You may think you know what you’re doing or you don’t care or “ well this or that…”. I have 4 fused disks and trained my neck properly almost daily. It WILL happen if you keep this up and you don’t want to go through it!”

He is in a great position within WWE to influence younger talent and hopefully convince them that the dangers of a spot where you call right on your neck just isn’t worth it in the long run. Thankfully, Regal is doing well today but his body shows the wear and tear of decades worth of abuse.

H Jenkins

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