SmackDown Live Superstar Sheamus is one of the longest-tenured Superstars with WWE. He is currently one half of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions alongside “The Swiss Cyborg” Cesaro.
As a Dublin native, Sheamus found his roots in Ireland. From here, “The Celtic Warrior” has made a name for himself around the world as one of the top WWE Superstars. As a multi-time WWE Champion and a list of accolades few Superstars have, there is no denying what he has done for the business.
In an interview with The Irish Mirror, Sheamus revealed that despite all the success he has had with WWE, he still wants to return to the independent scene. The catch is, he wants to return for one appearance specifically in Ireland- likely for the Over The Top Wrestling promotion.
The founder of OTT, Joe Cabray, was a former FCW star alongside Sheamus. Cabray took his talents and built a company in his home of Ireland to reflect the knowledge he had learned and use that passion he has for the industry in a new capacity.

“What’s happening in Irish wrestling right now is amazing.
“Joe Cabray is doing a phenomenal job. He spent some time in FCW [WWE’s old Developmental territory], but obviously, he’s an entrepreneur and he had a bigger vision.
“He wasn’t comfortable in America and he just loves wrestling and knew what it could be capable of in Ireland.
“I think all of that is very good for young wrestlers back home. Even if you look at WWE we have five Irish people involved if you count Jordan Devlin on NXT UK and Fit Finlay producing as well as myself, Becky Lynch and Finn Balor.”

RAW Superstar Finn Balor made an appearance for OTT whilst being signed to WWE back in 2016, while the independent company was at the Tivoli Theatre. On the idea of possibly working a show for OTT in some capacity, Sheamus explained that he’d love to go, but it’s just a matter of getting home for the show.

“I’d love to go, but it’s just a matter of actually getting home.
“I don’t get the chance to get home much, and when I do my mam is in Clare and my dad is in Dublin so it’s hard when you have a few days to travel all the way around the country.
“When I was back last time I missed a show because I had just got back.”

Given how long Sheamus has been with WWE, it is likely the company would allow him to show up at the proverbial show. if asked. However, the WWE schedule is often hectic and Sheamus, as Champion, may not have much time on his hands right now.
Would you like to see Sheamus make an appearance for OTT? Do you watch independent wrestling? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

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