WWE used to only have a limited number of chances to entertain fans, but now it seems like they might have too many. With so much content available on the WWE Network, it’s almost impossible for fans to be able to watch everything that’s available to them, no matter what kind of ending a match might have.
Back in the day, when WWE was touring house shows they wanted to leave the fans happy and wanting another show as soon as possible. It seems the company has drifted away from this logic in recent years and as Bruce Prichard explained on Something To Wrestle With, Vince McMahon has been using this idea for a very long time now.

“When Vince went national with Hulk Hogan it was always leave them happy, leave them ‘up’ no matter what. That changed when we went to the monthly pay-per-views and the philosophy has changed even more so now with the Network.”
“They’re trying to get heat they’re trying to get people not as satisfied with those big shows so they’ll come back to see their hero or whatever return later on down the road.”

This mindset is the exact reason why WWE booked Dean Ambrose to turn on Seth Rollins after winning the Raw Tag Team Titles on the same night that Roman Reigns announced he was taking a hiatus due to leukemia. WWE really likes messing with their fans at this point so they’ll keep coming back. The biggest problem is that in a world like pro wrestling you never know what could happen to prevent a longer storyline from coming to a conclusion. But it looks like this strategy isn’t going to change anytime soon.
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