Time is Running Out For Impact Wrestling On Pop TV

Impact Wrestling was moved to 10 pm on Pop TV which not a good timeslot for a two-hour wrestling show. They didn’t have many viewers travel with them to the new slot which led to a huge decline in ratings.

PW Insider reports that they have heard Impact Wrestling is looking for a potential new TV partner. They view moving to this new timeslot on Pop TV as a step in the wrong direction and it’s hard to blame them.

Impact is doing all they can to get more viewers with edgier storylines and some very sexual content as well. The Smoke Show is not TV-PG friendly, but it doesn’t seem to have helped.

If I were a betting man you could probably picture Impact Wrestling going to a new television home as soon as their current television product is over or they will simply start putting more of a focus on their Twitch channel and Global Force Network.