Enzo Amore Holds Private Rap Concert In His Grandma’s Living Room

Enzo Amore isn’t around WWE anymore but he’s still popular with his devoted fans. It looks like Real1 has traded in his wrestling boots for a recording studio at this point though as he focuses on his rap career.

His first song Pheonix was a diss track at the girl who ended his WWE career with false allegations of sexual assault. He soon followed it up with Bury Me A G but it’s been 5 months since he dropped another track.

At his Grandma’s request, Amore recently threw a little private rap concert for her because she wanted to see Real1 rap. She might not be able to make it to too many of his late-night gigs.

He put it up on Instagram live and soon clipped off a portion for his actual Instagram account. This is a song we’ve never heard before too so if I were a betting man I would think there are plenty more fire tracks from Real1 to come.

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