Braun Strowman very well could be positioned as the next big babyface in WWE even though as we previously reported he might not be abiding by the etiquette required of him as a WWE Superstar.  But it turns out another issue could also prevent him from reaching the top of WWE if it continues to be a problem.
WWE has Strowman chasing Baron Corbin around at this point as the acting Raw GM is playing a game of cat and mouse with the Monster Among Men. But, it was noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Strowman’s current knee issues are preventing WWE from really pulling this off.
Strowman gained a reputation for moving way better than a guy his size really should. Therefore, it’s always been impressive to see him run around the ring and take someone out. But with his knees going out on him, it’s obvious that he can’t run around like he used to.
It was noted that WWE might want to nix this angle before it becomes too apparent that Strowman is indeed hurt until his injury heals. After all, when a wrestler can’t run it makes them look like less of an athlete.
Hopefully, Strowman’s knees can heal up in time for him to carry on with whatever WWE’S plan for him might be. After all, since Roman Reigns’ departure from the company, they might need him for any number of reasons including eventually becoming Universal Champion.

H Jenkins

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