Brock Lesnar is the Universal Champion once again after WWE Crown Jewel but in reality, that was supposed to be his last date with the company. He is in a very interesting and powerful spot right now in terms of negotiations with anyone he wants to deal with.
Dave Meltzer discussed Lesnar’s current WWE contract status during Wrestling Observer Radio where it was noted that Lesnar can, in fact, do whatever he pleases and has a few options with his own future which he can certainly make for himself. Because he wasn’t even supposed to be with WWE anymore at this point but circumstances have allowed for Lesnar to be in a much more powerful position with more than a couple valuable bargaining chips at his disposal.

“His contract with WWE, the new one — cause he just signed a new one in the last, I guess it would be in the last week. Because the deal was when Roman went down, Vince backed up the Brinks [money] truck and felt that they needed Brock.”
“Brock’s last date was going to be Crown Jewel. Roman Reigns was going to win that match, that was the plan. But Roman Reigns is out. As soon as Roman Reigns was out I assumed they’d go with Strowman to win — they didn’t. They went with Brock because they figured Brock would go right into [fighting] camp but Vince gave him a sweetheart deal because you always know there’s a chance — and he does not have a deal with UFC.”
“[Lesnar’s] price with UFC probably increases everytime his price with WWE increases but it’s not an exclusive deal that he signed with WWE. In this deal he can do UFC anytime he wants. So if he wants to do March 2nd, he can do March 2nd [for UFC].”

UFC has dates in January, February, and March which Lesnar could fight on if he signs a new deal and can keep passing those USASA drug tests. Only time will tell what Brock Lesnar will do next because he really operates on his own schedule at this point which few people are smartened up on — but it will certainly get interesting from this point on.
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