WWE Crown Jewel saw the World Cup tournament to determine the Best In The World — and Shane McMahon won it. There were a lot of fans wondering why WWE decided to pull this move, but as we previously reported they did it for a reason and had it planned for quite some time.
Rey Mysterio’s WWE return was exciting and it still is in a lot of ways, but they knew he couldn’t win the World Cup tournament when they booked him into it. Dave Meltzer explained that a big name my Mysterio’s was crucial in legitimizing the World Cup tournament and they did their best to protect him even when losing.

“Yeah they protected in the fact that Randy Orton destroyed him after his match and he went in weakened — that’s the mentality behind it. They thought they protected Rey the same way they thought they protected Braun.”

Pro wrestling is a unique business in a lot of ways but protecting someone by beating them down is one of the truly exclusive parts that belongs only to the pro wrestling mindset. Therefore, whether or not it results in a rivalry between The Viper and Mr. 6-1-9, the post-match beatdown from Cena was meant to give Rey a reason why he lost to The Miz to protect his character.
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