Cody Rhodes is always looking to extend his brand which is why The American Nightmare has launched his own brand of cigars: American Rebel. He is known to love cigars and even had a smoke party during Starrcast before ALL IN.
He recently sent out a tweet asking fans which kind of cigar they liked more when he received a rather interesting question in response. “What’s the best to roll blunts with?” one fan asked — and he received an even more interesting response from Cody.
“This ain’t a black & mild dawg, you’d be disrespecting the tobacco and your weed,” the former NWA World Heavyweight Champion replied. This is pretty good advice seeing how much pride Cody takes in the tobacco inside his brand of cigars.
Only time will tell if something will eventually materialize between Cody and WWE as Rhodes said he’s not re-signing with ROH. But it looks like in the meantime, Cody will be enjoying his tobacco-filled cigars on the indie wrestling scene as he prepares for whatever the next phase is in his career.

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H Jenkins

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