Rusev and Aiden English toured all over the world announcing that it is Rusev Day until Lana came into the picture and slowly moved English out. Then it all came to a head and Aiden turned on his former friend. There was a bit of a story where English teased that Lana did something in Milwaukee, but of course, that didn’t go anywhere either.
Dave Meltzer discussed this angle on Wrestling Observer Radio where he expressed some concern and a bit of astonishment at WWE’s decision to seemingly send Aiden English down the card in such a rapid fashion.

“Aiden English — GOD. You did all of that and all you could do is a 1-minute match? I knew, I’ve been saying it for months when they started the turn what the end result would be but even I, knowing that the end result was going to be Aiden English going to purgatory I thought that he would at least — I didn’t expect him to get a win over Rusev but I didn’t think they would do — I thought he would be competitive or something at least get a program out of it.”
“A 1-minute squash match after how long have they built this thing up? Because they were doing the stop/start for a while I mean it’s been a long time.”

Now it seems like Aiden English and Rusev are done and the Bulgarian Brute is moving on. Rusev will supposedly move up the ladder after winning their feud and English will be in “purgatory.”
After all, Rusev did beat his former partner in mere minutes with no trouble — a man who helped him sell TONS of Rusev Day shirts. It is a shame, but that’s WWE booking. Are you happy about it?
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