Should Fans Expect A Big NXT Call-Up During SmackDown 1000?

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WWE knows how to throw a big show and make a lot of noise. SmackDown 1000 is coming up tonight, and there are plenty of people announced for the show, but some fans might be under the impression that WWE is planning to make some room for an NXT call-up as well.

Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live that SmackDown 1000 likely won’t see any main roster call-ups. They do have Evolution coming in, Edge will show up and so will The Undertaker, but there is little chance of seeing Aleister Black or someone else from NXT on the SmackDown 1000.

SmackDown 1000 is likely to be a packed show with one segment after another and they’ll be crunched for time. After all, they have 1 less hour to fill than WWE did for Raw 25.

If anything, do you really want to see a big NXT call-up on a show where they wouldn’t be able to spend to time to really make it matter?

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