WWE Monday Night Raw Results – October 15, 2018


Welcome to Ringside News’ coverage of Monday Night Raw for October 15th, 2018.

Let’s address the elephant in the room: Saudi Arabia. With all the happenings this past week with a dissident journalist being killed, there has been growing cries from social media for WWE to cancel the Crown Jewel event, scheduled to take place on November 2nd. Now, I’ve never hidden my disdain for WWE shows taking place in these particular parts of the Middle East; places where women aren’t allowed to compete and, more importantly, places that are a few hundred years behind the rest of the world in terms of civility, equality, and human rights. All those broader issues aside, WWE’s last event in Saudi Arabia – The Greatest Royal Rumble – was just a little gross to begin with; particularly with the advertisements of Saudi women talking about how great the country is. So, it goes without saying that this latest transgression is hardly surprising and just another reason WWE shouldn’t go anywhere near these countries. Not to mention, recent rumours suggest WWE Superstars aren’t exactly happy with going there to compete. Since all of this news came out, WWE has distanced itself from the show, by scrubbing all mentions of it from its social media, yet it hasn’t been cancelled. Hell, even John Oliver took shots at WWE for the deal. And WWE loathes bad press! So it will be interesting tonight to hear if it’s mentioned by the announcers. What do you make of all this? Would you like Crown Jewel to go ahead? Do you want more events like The Greatest Royal Rumble?

Now, in less depressing news – though still related – tonight’s Raw is set to feature two qualifying matches for the WWE World Cup. The first sees Dean Ambrose face Dolph Ziggler, while the second is Seth Rollins Vs. Drew McIntyre. Of course, we’ve seen these four men compete a bazillion times in the past few months, but the twisting of Ambrose’s character should make things a little more interesting than usual. Naturally, one member from each team will win and proceed, but who? If you’re curious, here are the latest betting odds!

Elsewhere on tonight’s show, WWE.Com is teasing The Brothers of Destruction. Kane and The Undertaker may appear tonight to respond to D-X’s comments last week, as well as their official reunion. That said, this too is entirely reliant on the tag team match that was scheduled for Crown Jewel, so how WWE moves forward with the feud without addressing the controversy is a pickle to say the least.

All that and plenty more to happen on tonight’s Raw. Remember to follow us on Twitter, Snapchat Instagram, and all that good stuff, download the Ringside News app, and enjoy the show!

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