Possible Video Evidence That Sasha Banks Isn’t Injured


Sasha Banks has been out of action for a little while and rumors have circulated that she needed time off for one reason or another. Recent reports have come out that she is injured although WWE isn’t talking about it.

She isn’t featured on the new banner for WWE Evolution which has made some fans start to wonder if she’s just not planning on being around for the first-ever women’s WWE pay-per-view. But that doesn’t mean anything really because neither are Kairi Sane or Shayna Baszler and both of them are booked in an NXT Women’s Title match.

Now we have some very interesting footage from Banks’ husband’s Instagram story. These stories include Banks working out and one video that was posted around 4:00pm on Thursday October 11th shows her doing burpees.

Of course, these could be old videos and it’s an attempt to stop the rumors that Sasha is hurt, but it’s still pretty interesting. Big thanks to Bre for the tip in our DMs.


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