Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Austin Aries – WWE Departure, Working for New & Improved Impact Wrestling, Collecting Titles, More!

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Jericho notes that there’s a WWE way of doing things that he really enjoys, but there’s something special about having more creative control over what your character is doing. He doesn’t mind working with Vince McMahon on ideas, but when there’s a bunch of cooks in the kitchen trying to influence McMahon in a certain direction, Jericho thinks some of the business’ artistry is lost.

Aries points out that the professional wrestling landscape is changing. He’s currently the Impact Wrestling Champion and he’s also working for ROH. There’s going to be Impact vs. ROH matches on the upcoming Jericho Cruise, and Aries thinks all that cross promotion is great. He doesn’t see why these companies wouldn’t work together to carve out a larger piece of the pie right now.

Aries talks about his infamous House of Hardcore promo. He points out that a lot of people expected him to go out to the ring and criticize WWE but he decided to do something different; he blamed himself for his failures. He admits that delivering a 13-minute heartfelt promo to a Philadelphia crowd who were already a 6-pack deep probably wasn’t the greatest idea, but he felt it was necessary.

Aries says he’s currently holding 6 Titles, and it’s a bit of a nuisance trying to travel with them all. He tries to make his security checks as easy as possible by taking the belts out beforehand, but that still doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. He jokes that some of those security agents have an ego trip and think they’re important because they wear a fake badge, when they should just do their job and let people get where they need to go.

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