Jerry Lawler Explains Why He Was At Trump Rally — Says He’s Received Death Threats


Jerry Lawler was spotted in the crowd during a Donald Trump political rally on Tuesday, and it was kind of hard to miss him because he got a good seat right behind the president as he gave his speech.

The rally was in support of Brett Kavanaugh’s supreme court nomination, but as TMZ caught up with Lawler, he explained how his presence wasn’t political.

“We were asked by some people to go to the rally and I went and unbelievably received from some social media some actual hate mail just for going to the rally of Donald Trump.”

“But I tell everybody… I wasn’t going there to see the President, I was going to see a fellow WWE Hall Of Famer… that’s all.”

Lawler explained that his attendance was more to support Trump as his friend and former colleague. Whether you believe that is another matter entirely, but it’s still not okay to threaten The King’s life just because of where he was on Tuesday.

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