WWE Reportedly Working On Huge Star For Survivor Series Segment


When you live in Los Angeles, the LA Lakers are usually one of your favorite sporting teams. With WWE showing up in the Staples Center for November’s Survivor Series pay-per-view event, it seems like WWE is going to try and capture as much interest in the hometown fans as possible

Joe Peisich said on Barnburner’s No Holds Barred podcast that Lebron James will not be in attendance for Survivor Series because they have a game in Miami, but fans could be expecting a vignette of some kind between James and WWE personnel to be filmed so they can play it in his absence.

Only time will tell what WWE ends up doing in this situation, after all, there are plenty of people Lebron could play off of in a little segment from The Miz to anyone in-between.

But it seems like WWE is working on some pretty interesting plans that if they pull it off could result in a water cooler moment the next day.

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