Mediation Conference Set For Titus O’Neil Lawsuit

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WWE Network has a lot of programs on it for different types of people. Swerved was a prank show designed with a WWE feel to it, and it turns out that one prank went totally the opposite of what was planned.

To make a long story short, Titus O’Neil was shocked by a cattle prod and then he turned around and kicked the cameraman. The cameraman, who no longer works with WWE filed a huge lawsuit against O’Neil saying that he couldn’t work for a long time after this incident because his hand was damaged.

PW Insider reports that there is now a mediation conference set in this case for January 2019. It might seem like a long way away, but that’s really only 3 months. The cameraman, Donald Anderson alleges that he was assaulted by O’Neil during the segment after Paige stuck Titus with a cattle prod in a prank went wrong.

Titus has also filed a counter-suit against Anderson so this situation might get messier before it gets resolved. Hopefully, it will end soon enough though because some might see Titus’ reaction to being unknowingly stuck with a cattle prod as simply a reflexive impulse.

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