Chris Jericho Drops Huge Hint That He’s Headed To Impact Wrestling


You really never know where Chris Jericho will end up next. After all, he’s a rock star, pro wrestling, and budding movie star as well as cameraman. So he can do it all, and apparently, he doesn’t need Vince McMahon to be in the situation all the time.

In late July, Joe Peisich from Barnburner’s No Holds Barred podcast that he guaranteed that Chris Jericho would be at Bound For Glory. Now with BFG only 2 weeks away, it looks even more promising that Y2J will be headed to Impact Wrestling.

We wrote an update on this story yesterday with more clarification on the matter but the general idea wat that Jericho is still headed to Impact Wrestling. A popular Internet Wrestling Community Twitter account called PW Stream grabbed this story and tweeted it only to have Chris Jericho retweet it himself.

This has led plenty of his fans to see that he is now retweeting an article about him going to Impact Wrestling. Needless to say, the response has been quite entertaining. Only time will tell what kind of impression Chris Jericho will make on Impact Wrestling, but it certainly seems like Y2J is leading us to believe once again that anything is possible.

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