Another Former WWE Superstar Reportedly In Line For Impact Wrestling Championship


You never know what can happen in Impact Wrestling because the company seems to be constantly moving through its own version of evolution.

Joe Peisich said on Barnburner’s No Holds Barred podcast that Bound For Glory could also include another big change for the company and this time it’s all about timing.

“The main event for Bound For Glory, Johnny Morrison, Johnny Impact vs Austin Aries. Look for Johnny Nitro to possibly win the belt. They’re going to capitalize on Johnny Impact/Morrison whatever. He’s on Survivor so they want to get a push from that so look for that to possibly happen.”

If Impact Wrestling put their biggest title on Johnny Impact, it would make sense from a lot of angles. Not only is he on Survivor at this point and possibly bringing even more eyes to the product, but he is also a veteran of the sport and capable of carrying that kind of responsibility. Let’s just hope he’s able to stay healthy.

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