Matt Riddle Reveals Details of Conversation He Had with Triple H When Getting Signed

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While speaking with The Main Event on ESPN West Palm radio, Matt Riddle revealed details of his conversation he had with Triple H when he got the call to become part of the NXT brand. Matt mentioned that the call from Hunter made him feel good about joining the company.

“I actually got a direct call from are main man ‘Trips’, Mr. Triple H, Paul Levesque. It was good. About three years ago I was about to get signed and we talked about that because I was supposed to possibly get signed then and it didn’t happen. We talked about that. He’s like ‘we got good intentions’, made me feel good with working with NXT and working with him. Honestly, that’s why I signed up and we’ll see where it takes me.”

As previously reported, Riddle recently made his NXT debut at a live event but has yet to appear on television.

(H/T to Wrestling Inc for the above quote)

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