Sami Callihan Shows Off Mangled Chest After Brutal Match

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We’ve seen Sami Callihan put himself through a lot of pain and agony before in the name of pro wrestling. He seems to enjoy a match, even more, the more brutal it gets. After all, as a veteran of hardcore wrestling, he’s done things to his own body that most wouldn’t dream of letting someone do to them.

It seems that Callihan isn’t slowing down and the man who appears on Impact Wrestling, MLW, and Lucha Underground is also tearing himself up on the indie scene and he’s dragging his opponents along with him which is never a walk in the park.

Callihan updated fans after an AAW show where he faced ACH saying: “Probably shouldn’t have unzipped my DLO Brown style chest protector.” He also showed off his mangled chest as proof.

ACH doesn’t mess around when it comes to stiff chops, that’s for sure. But if anyone is able to take this kind of stiff punishment, it’s a guy like Sami Callihan.

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