Legends Gather To Celebrate Vader’s Life In Touching Tribute

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Leon White, better known to pro wrestling fans as Vader sadly passed away on June 18th this year. He was never inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame like he really wanted which is extremely sad as well.

There was a great celebration of Vader’s life today at the University Of Colorado where Vader went to school. He played on the defensive line while in college and went on to play for the LA Rams until he was unfortunately injured but he had an entire pro wrestling career to follow.

Mick Foley was in attendance to celebrate Vader’s life at his alma mater. He commented about how touching it was to hear Sting speak as well. In Vader’s final months, for the better part of 2 years actually, Sting would frequently visit his old friend and read the Bible together and discuss life and religion.

Vader is gone but he will never be forgotten. Hopefully, he will someday find his way into the WWE Hall Of Fame, but the honor will, unfortunately, have to be accepted by someone in his honor.

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