Lana’s Short Hair & Sheer Dress On Hawaiian Vacation Draws Attention


Lana and Rusev are WWE Superstars who are living their best lives. At this point, they have little to worry about as they continue as popular Superstars. But if Lana was smart she might consider what kind of bomb Aiden English might drop on Tuesday.

But whatever might have or have not happened in Milwaukee doesn’t seem to bother Lana at this point because she spent the last several days enjoying a Hawaiian getaway with Rusev. As you can see, they had a wonderful time and Sheamus even housesat for them and changed his mind about Total Divas.

But it’s what Lana posted on her Instagram that’s sparking the most attention about their little vacation. This picture from The Ravishing Russain’s Instagram story has already shown up on plenty of places and fans have commented all around. Of course, her short hair has also drawn some attention but not as much as her wardrobe choice.

We’re not judging because she looks amazing, but there could be children at that resort, that’s all we’re saying. Then again, it’s not like kids can’t watch WWE television or get on Instagram either. We’ll leave the ravishing photo below so you can let us know what you think the fuss is all about.


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