Could, Would, Should: Tye Dillinger vs. Randy Orton

should randy orton feud with tye dillinger?

I think this could potentially be something great. For all we know, Orton and Dillinger have some super sweet chemistry and end up making Omega v. Okada look like Undertaker v. Underfaker. Who’s to say?

I think it’s cool to see main event talents work programs with lower card guys. Sure, sometimes the feuds turn out to suck all sorts of suck, but it’s something different.

Tye Dillinger could benefit greatly from working with a legend like Orton, and Orton would benefit from brutalizing another babyface to get some more of that juicy Heel Heat™. This could be the feud that solidifies Dillinger’s spot on the roster, and maybe shunt him up the card a bit.

I think WWE should go for it. It’s new, it’s fresh, and potentially beneficial. Why not?

Written by Gabby Duran

Gabby likes writing and wrestling, so he's got a good thing going for him right now.

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