Two Former Members Announced for Upcoming nWo Reunion Show

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Pro Wrestle Fest took to their Facebook Page to announce two more nWo members, autograph/photo op prices, and FREE autograph and no, the free autograph is not Virgil, however, it is Buff Bagwell! Below is the Facebook post from Pro Wrestle Fest with all the announcements.

Pro Wrestle Fest also announced two more members of the nWo for their reunion. The members are Sean Waltman (Syxx) and The Disciple (Brutus The Barber Beefcake). The headliner will be announced on November 1st. Tickets go on sale October 1st. Pro Wrestle Fest will be held at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. Here is the announcement below.

Here is the Autograph and Photo Op Pricing. Tickets go on sale October 1st.

Autograph/Combo/Pro Photo Op

Headliner 11/01

Kevin Nash $40/$60/$50
Scott Hall $40/$60/$50
Eric Bischoff $30/$50/$40
Scott Steiner $30/$50/$40
Ted DiBiase $30/$50/$40
Jeff Jarrett $30/$50/$40
Sean Waltman $30/$50/$40
Mean Gene $25/$40/$50
Scott Norton $25/$40/$50
Konnan $25/$40/$50
Brutus Beefcake $20/$35/$40
Nick Patrick $15/$25/N/A
NWO Sting $15/$25/N/A
Disco Inferno $15/$25/$40
Virgil $15/$25/N/A

Group Options

Wolf Pack Photo Op $200.00
The Outsiders Package (Pro Photo Op and Autos) $130.00
Money Inc Photo Op $75.00
NWO Photo Op TBA

More TBA


General Admission $25 (Free Buff Bagwell Autograph)
Black and White $TBA October 1st

The Black and White ticket will include the NWO professional photo op, autographs from everyone except the HEADLINER & Vendor Guests.

Buff Bagwell Autograph will be included in every GA Ticket.

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