AJ Styles’ Hilarious Reaction To Finding Out He’s Not The Highest Rated Superstar In WWE 2K19


WWE’s newest 2K game is getting a lot of attention, but every year they roll out a game worthy of a fair amount of people paying attention to it. After all, it’s pretty impressive what they are able to do with today’s technology.

In an effort to making the next game as realistic as possible, the 2K crew was pretty tough on their ratings this year. AJ Style actually received a 91 rating which is nothing to sneeze at, but he’s not the highest rated Superstar on the game by far.

Styles recently spoke to GimeMeSport about his rating where he had a pretty great reaction to the fact that The Rock has a 93 rating above him.

“What the freak? He tore an ab the last time he wrestled. I’m not saying he’s not jacked. You gotta be in ring shape.”

Obviously, Styles was joking about The Rock who did tear his pec during his WrestleMania 29 match against John Cena. But luckily, 91 is plenty high enough of a rating to keep AJ Styles happy.

In case you’re interested, the following Superstar top off the list of WWE 2K19 ratings:

Brock Lesnar — 93

The Rock — 93

Roman Reigns — 92

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin — 92

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