Triple H Got Stephanie McMahon A WrestleMania Motorcycle For Her Birthday


It’s Stephanie McMahon’s birthday today and plenty of people including her daddy Vince McMahon have sent b-day wishes to Steph as she enters her 42nd year on this earth.

Her husband Triple H apparently went all out for her birthday gift this year because what can you get a girl who was already born with everything? It’s a pretty nice ride, and if it’s the same one she rode to the ring on during WrestleMania, it’s quite nice indeed.

Stephanie McMahon tweeted out: “Thank you WWE Universe for all the birthday wishes today! I’m so blessed and grateful to have so much love in my life!!!! Check out my b-day gift from Triple H! He wanted me to have a “little memento” from WrestleMania!”

She also included a little video of her trip on the bike and you can see her reflection in the mirror of her capturing things on her cell phone while cars whiz by which is incredibly safe I’m sure. But if it’s the 3 wheeler she rode to the ring on at Mania, then it’s plenty safe.

Image result for triple h wrestlemania 34 entrance

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