X-Pac opens today’s show by speaking about the recent PWG BOLA event. He points out that guys like Bandido saw an opportunity and took it, making a lot of money in the process. He congratulates Bandido for that because the performers who are working for CMLL or Triple A exclusively are getting “f***ed” in his opinion. He informs that those companies book the talent out and take half the money which he calls “insane” and “highway robbery”.
Speaking about last weekend’s Hell In A Cell PPV, X-Pac says that the Becky Lynch and Charlotte match was his favourite part of the show. He thought Lynch’s win provided the biggest and longest pop of the night, and the match had sustained heat from beginning to end. He points out that nobody would have seen this creative direction coming for Lynch a few months ago, but he’s glad WWE pulled the trigger on it. He thinks if WWE starts to book Lynch like a babyface at this point it’ll screw up the natural momentum that she’s gained.

He thought the tag match between Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose & Drew McIntyre/Dolph Ziggler was great. It was great the entire way through but in the last five minutes they blew it out of the water. He noticed that Renee Young was very complimentary of The Shield and Ambrose in particular throughout this match, but he thinks she’s been doing great since becoming a full time member of the RAW commentary booth.
X-Pac notes that Matt Hardy has been signalling a retirement of sorts for a while now, but he thinks Hardy will be back around the business in some capacity at some point in the future. He notes that when you get to a certain point in your career you get to decide how much WWE owns you, because they certainly don’t own someone like Brock Lesnar. Maybe Hardy will be able to negotiate a reduced schedule or something of that nature moving forward.

Cody Rhodes will be defending his NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship against Willie Mack at an upcoming ROH show. X-Pac says that Mack one of the most naturally gifted people he’s ever seen come up through the wrestling business. He doesn’t think Mack goes to the gym ever, but he can do amazing things in the ring and has tremendous cardio. He knows Mack will be a underdog in this bout but it’s hard to cheer against him regardless.
X-Pac welcomes Jeff Cobb to the show.
X-Pac congratulates Cobb on his recent BOLA win. Cobb says he squared off with a bunch of great performers and they were all tough matches but luckily he had great chemistry with most of the performers, especially in the main event. He was thankful for that especially considering the language barrier that existed with a couple of his opponents.

He admits that it’s a surreal feeling for him to join the list of BOLA winners. He notes that the list of past winners features a “who’s who” of professional wrestling. This is a great stepping stone for him and he calls the entire thing, “crazy”
Cobb says he really likes working with bigger guys because he’s been gifted with great strength and he can do some pretty cool things with big men in the ring. However, his lower back isn’t so fond of working with big men. X-Pac says he loves how Cobb can perform both power and high-flying moves. Cobb says he didn’t want to be typecast into a certain type of performer.

Cobb informs that he’s done with Lucha Underground after the current season finishes airing. He hopes they don’t mess with him, but he’s been told that they can’t opt in to having him return for another season. He hopes the show doesn’t cast someone else to continue his Matanza character in his absence because he’s unsure if someone else can portray that character the same way he did.
X-Pac asks Cobb if working for WWE is a goal for him right now. 10 years ago he would have said that he wanted to go there, but with the current resurgence of the indie scene he’s having a blast doing what he’s doing. If WWE came calling he’d certainly be open to going there, but he’s working 3 days a week now and earning a healthy living so he’s quite happy with that.

He informs that he spoke to William Regal backstage at BOLA and picked his brain. Regal even locked up with him at one point to show him some tricks of the trade. He says he watches NXT most of the time, but he only skims through RAW to see certain things because 3 hours is simply too long for him.
Cobb informs that his first theme was Rhyno’s ECW theme. After his debut match he switched to Korn’s “Coming Undone” which he’s used for years. He says he’s trying to get the confidence to tweet or email Korn and ask them to make a new theme for him.
That sums up this week’s episode of X-Pac 1, 2, 360. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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