Pete Dunne Seemingly Reacts To Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins Controversy


Sometimes it’s hard to be a WWE Superstar because of all the attention you bring to yourself on a constant basis. But if you ask Pete Dunne, he’s totally fine with you “marking out” for him.

We previously reported how Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins was called our for being rude to fans when they were in public. But it seems Dunne wanted to make sure that people knew that approaching him in public was perfectly fine by him.

The Bruiserweight said, “If you spot me in public you don’t need to apologize for ‘marking out’ it’s absolutely fine to enjoy wrestling Plus I won’t want to speak to you regardless.”

It’s nice to know that some fans can at least approach the WWE UK Champion even if the WWE IC and Universal Champions might be a little touchy with meeting fans in public.

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