Former SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella is often referred to as a “diva” by the current audience based around her antics in the ring- particularly throughout the duration of her title reign on SmackDown Live.
The term was first coined by Sable back during RAW Is War on April 19, 1999. Not long after that, other female performers started to slowly be named Divas. From there, WWE would introduce the Divas Search in 2004, which lasted up until 2007- with Eve Torres being named as the final winner.
The women really earned the Divas name as WWE fazed out the Women’s Championship and replaced it with the Divas Championship, which resembled a pink and silver butterfly. Michelle McCool would become the first-ever Divas Champion.
It was back during the pre-show for WrestleMania 32 when WWE Hall of Famer Lita would reveal the brand-new Women’s Championship. The subsequent bout between Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch would be contested to crown the final-ever Divas Champion and the first-ever Women’s Champion of this era. As we know, Flair was victorious in that match.
Replying to a NoDQ article focused around the term “Divas” affecting the evolution of the women, Carmella had the following to say, taking into account the history of the women in the company, as mentioned above:

“This is an embarrassing article. Every single woman from the past and current roster have made women’s wrestling what it is. EVERYONE is deserving. Enough of the negativity around the “diva” moniker.”

You can see the original tweet below:

What are your opinions on the use of the term “Divas?” Do you agree or disagree with Carmella? Let us know in the comments down below.

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