A pro wrestling move has many steps even if it moves quickly. Everything has to go in line or bad things can happen. Ronda Rousey’s armbar is feared all over and Bliss tapped out very quickly to the submission at Hell In A Cell, but it appears Bliss might have actually been injured during the move’s set up.
Reddit user CLJR12 has studied the tape enough and he thinks that he has figured out that Bliss’s injury didn’t occur as a result of the actual submission, but what it took to get her in the position. After all, even though Alexa’s arm can bend in really strange ways because she’s double jointed, the human body can only take so much torque.

“Obviously not the armbar itself, but right before Ronda lies down. Looks very similar to how Alexa got injured against Nia [Jax], being pulled by the shoulder. Alexa’s body gets dragged during the armbar with Ronda pulling nothing but her shoulder. Thought I’d post this because people think it’s her armdrags that injured Bliss, but IIRC (If I Recall Correctly), there was only one arm drag in this match and it was her safest one yet. Not saying this is 100% how Alexa got injured but I feel this is the safest bet, or maybe I’m a dumbass and someone can correct me.”

The response so far has been mixed for a few reasons on either side of the argument. So the discussion will continue regarding Alexa Bliss and her injury, at this point The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted she can work at this point with minimal exertion.
You can check out the clip below and see what they’re talking about.

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