Earlier today we reported that attorney Konstantine Kyros issued a statement announcing his plan to appeal the dismissal order by Judge Vanessa L. Bryant of the United States District Court of Connecticut.
In an update to this story, PWInsider has made contact with WWE’s lead counsel in Jerry McDevitt for his specific comments in regards to Kyros’ plan for a potential appeal.
In a pretty shocking response, McDevitt claims Kyros should be disbarred for a multitude of false claims and statements, explaining that he essentially led wrestlers on into thinking they could get a payout.
Check out what McDevitt had to say:

“This is the same kind of drivel Kyros pawned off on former wrestlers when soliciting them to sue WWE by false statements that he had obtained a billion dollar settlement for NFL players and would do the same for wrestlers, when in fact he had absolutely nothing to do with getting that settlement. He was caught repeatedly making false allegations; has been admonished repeatedly by federal judges about his dishonest behavior; and has now been subjected to two different sanction orders of the kind that would make most lawyers embarrassed and ashamed. The rant he sent you now insults the federal judge who issued the decision, and he still fails to address the basis of her opinion. He may well have been able to mislead those he solicited to join his lawsuits, but he will never succeed in misleading us or federal judges. Frankly, he should be disbarred.”

For now, we have no further information. Given what McDevitt said above, it seems unlikely that WWE will have this result overturned as Kyros hopes. Stay tuned to Ringside News for further information on this as it is revealed.
Where do you think the case goes from here? Do you think Kyros has a shot at the appeal? Let us know in the comments below.

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