Paige Shuts Down Hater In Nia Jax’s Defense

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Paige and Nia Jax are pretty close. If you check their Instagram stories, they are often popping up on each other’s accounts and they have also been known to share a hotel room on the road.

The 2 Total Divas stars are preparing for the upcoming season and as the show’s official Twitter account sent out a tweet to hype the show, nobody expected it to receive such a hateful response.

“What would you do it Paige and Nia Jax turned up to say hi?” the Twitter account asked to which one person who considers themselves a fan replied: ” I would speak to Paige and completely ignore that other thing.”

Paige didn’t appreciate Jax being called a “thing” at all came to her friend’s defense in a big way. She chastised the “fan” for his horrible comment and called Jax “my angel.” This is a great lesson that you should never insult one of Paige’s friends where she can see/hear you because she’ll deal with it herself.

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