Carmella Had A Wonderful Time With Beyonce & Jay-Z During Hell In A Cell

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While the rest of the WWE roster was focused on San Antonio for Hell In A Cell, Carmella and Naomi had other plans. They weren’t alone though because there was also an arena full of fans to join them.

But Mella and The Glow weren’t the focus of things because Beyonce and Jay-Z were in the house. The On The Run II tour rolled through Houston and the two WWE Superstars couldn’t miss the show. It also helped that the 2 former SmackDown Women’s Champions weren’t booked for Hell In A Cell.

As you can see, Carmella had a wonderful time at the show as Naomi held the camera and cheered her on during one of their favorite Beyonce tracks. If you hop on Mella’s Instagram story you can also see several clips from the show.

Hopefully, for Carmella and Naomi’s career’s sake, the 2 will get booked on another pay-per-view event soon enough. But in the meantime, it’s good to know the 2 figured out something fun to do on their night off in Texas.

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