Only time will tell if WWE will be able to throw enough money at Cody Rhodes to get him to consider coming back to the company after his journies in the indie wrestling scene proved very successful. But it looks like if you ask him, Cody doesn’t remember his WWE run being as bad as some other people.
The last part of Cody’s story with WWE so far involved him jumping around the ring wearing a one-piece suit with facepaint on as the intergalactic Stardust character. It was a far cry from what Cody had been doing before but he was a seemingly better match-up with Goldust.
One fan tweeted at Rhodes saying that it was a shame Vince McMahon used Cody Rhodes and Goldust in such a way with those kinds of characters. Rhodes obviously saw this and just had to speak up.
“I’d politely disagree. I was in a PPV main event by age 24. I was happy/challenged with the trajectory of my career there…even stardust. It stung but it was motivating to see guys pass my sparkly ass by, I saw what I was missing and went out and got it. Do the work.”
It looks like although we’re willing to bet Cody wouldn’t be thrilled about becoming Stardust once again, he at least used it as a learning experience. Through all that he had to deal with, Cody took everything and used it as fuel to achieve a pretty good amount of notoriety in the indies, that’s for sure.

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