Predicting the Champions After Hell in a Cell

At Hell in a Cell, a whole lot of titles will be on the line. In fact, 75% of the match card is title matches. Isn’t that crazy?

We’re bound to see at least one title change. That much I know. But there’s also a chance that more than one title changes hands this Sunday.

Who is probably leaving San Antonio with the gold still in their hands?

the new day

The New Day are pretty much unstoppable. They are the cornerstone of the tag team division. While Rusev and Aiden English are a solid tag team in their own right, they simply are not on the New Day’s level.

The New Day were the ones to defeat the Bludgeon Brothers. They have more than 600 days of experience as tag team champions. It’s crazy, really. Meanwhile, Rusev and English have some experience challenging for the tag team titles (they did so before at Clash of Champions). Still, when it comes down to it, I fully expect the New Day to retain their titles come Hell in a Cell.

the shield

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre won the Raw Tag Team Championship by first murdering the Revival and then murdering the B-Team. Come Hell in a Cell, though, the two will face arguably their biggest (and probably only) challenge yet: Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.

While Ziggler and McIntyre literally just won the titles a couple of weeks ago, they probably aren’t keeping them. The Shield is back, and they’re here to dominate. That means that Hell in a Cell will be the end of Ziggler’s and McIntyre’s short reign as tag team champions. Who can stand up to the might of the Shield?

ronda rousey

I expect Alexa Bliss to have a better showing at Hell in a Cell than she did at Summerslam, but it won’t be enough to save her. She simply isn’t winning her title back. After all, she was beaten in like five minutes last month.

Sure, Rousey has the injured ribs, which Bliss can use as a target. Alexa is nothing if not crafty, and now there’s a bullseye on Rousey. But try as she might, Bliss won’t be able to defeat Rousey and take back her title,

There is simply no way Rousey is losing to someone who couldn’t possibly weigh more than 100 pounds.

charlotte flair

This is a tough one to call, but I think that at Hell in a Cell, Charlotte retains her title. As great a wrestler as Becky Lynch is, it will be tough to beat Flair.

The two have fought many times before, and they’ve traded victories. It’s safe to assume that they’re pretty evenly matched, skill-wise. It can even be said that Becky would be the Smackdown Women’s Champion right now if it weren’t for Charlotte.

One could make the argument that Becky’s newfound aggressive side gives her an edge, but I don’t think so. Thanks to all the recent ambushes, Charlotte knows what to expect from Lynch, so she probably has a game plan, and the game plan will lead her to victory.

aj styles

AJ Styles and Samoa Joe have been at each other’s throats for nearly two months now. Joe has gotten into the head of the champion by repeatedly mentioning his family. But will Joe’s plan work? Or will Styles succeed once more?

Personally I believe Styles is retaining his title at Hell in a Cell. We saw what happened the last time a challenger got into Styles’ head. Despite all of Shinsuke Nakamura’s mind games and dick punching, Styles was able to channel his aggression into the match and was able to defeat him. Joe has only made Styles angrier, so if the champ can focus his hatred and anger into beating the crap out of Samoa Joe, then he has a good chance of walking away victorious.

roman reigns

Braun Strowman may be borderline unstoppable, but there’s always been one man who could beat him: Roman Reigns. After all, it was Reigns who gave Strowman his first ever pinfall loss. Sure, Strowman has picked up victories against the Big Dog at Great Balls of Fire and Payback, but again lost to Reigns inside the Elimination Chamber earlier this year.

Another factor to consider is Hell in a Cell experience. Reigns has competed in two, while this Sunday will be Strowman’s first Hell in a Cell match. Roman also happens to be undefeated in cell matches, so he definitely has the upper hand here.

When it comes down to it, it will probably be a close match, but in the end, I believe Reigns walks away with the Universal Championship,