Ryback opens today’s show by saying he’s extremely happy for everyone involved in the success of ALL IN this past weekend. He notes that it takes a lot of time and sacrifice to do something like that, and he’s sure a lot of people had their fair share of stress during the planning of this event. He points out that it’s also really cool to see three guys set a goal for themselves and then go and crush it.

Ryback says that a good professional wrestling show should have a little bit of everything, and Joey Ryan being accompanied to the ring by a bunch of walking penises certainly added a different element to the show. He points out that since this was the first time these guys timed out and produced a show, a few wrinkles were to be expected.
The main event had to be cut down in order to end the show on time and Ryback thinks that’s unfortunate because those guys deserved the time to tell a great story in the main event match. Nonetheless, it was a job well done by everyone to react on the fly in order to make sure they hit their mark.

Apparently Billy Corgan is planning an anniversary show for the NWA and Ryback thinks that’s cool. He’s impressed by what Corgan has done with that brand since he took it over, and he’s excited to see how far he can take it. The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title now belongs to Cody Rhodes, and that’ll certainly help the brand moving forward.
Ryback comments on Izzy’s in-ring debut last week, where she took a chokeslam. He points out that if a child is just learning the grappling or the ring psychology aspects of the business he doesn’t have any issue with it. However, when children start taking bumps he becomes concerned because wrestling takes a toll on your body and a child’s body may not be prepared to take the beating.

He points out that adults have to be held responsible in these situations, to ensure that they protect children from making poor decisions until they’re old enough to make responsible decisions on their own. He also notes that professional wrestling needs to be protected to a degree. Everyone knows movies are fake but the directors don’t remind us of that halfway through each movie, and wrestling shouldn’t remind us its fake either.
Ryback comments on this year’s PWI500 list. He congratulates Kenny Omega on the #1 spot, noting that he’s only heard great things about Omega as a person, and as a performer he’s obviously fantastic. However, he thinks a WWE guy should always get the #1 spot. WWE is the biggest promotion in the world and the schedule is insane, and he thinks that needs to be considered when picking the list each year.

Ryback comments on a terrible tweet that was sent to Charlotte Flair last week by a so-called “fan”. This person tweeted at Charlotte, saying that the wrong Flair child died a few years ago – referring to the death of Charlotte’s brother. Ryback thinks this was an outrageous thing to say, and it really aggravates him that someone thought they could get away with saying something that terrible.

He points out that Charlotte is a sweet human being and there’s no doubt that this crushed her, but she responded very professionally to the fan. He says that if it were him in that position, he’d just want to kill the person who said that. He calls the entire situation unfortunate and and he wishes WWE would pursue this further. He doesn’t think people should be allowed to say these types of things behind the protection of their computer screens. They need to be held accountable for their awful words.
That sums up this week’s episode of Conversation With the Big Guy. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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