It looks like there could be another issue of racism emerging and Brian Pillman Jr isn’t going to let it happen without saying something about it.
Vice ran an article called, “What’s The Deal With Justin Bieber And Post Malone’s White Trash Aesthetic?” In the article, the writer said that “Being grossed-out lies close to the feeling of being turned on” when relating to the look white hip-hop artists choose.
She goes into the history of the term “white trash” and discussed the struggles white rappers have in the music industry. She turned her attention to Eminem saying, “Like Malone, Eminem’s White Trash narrative and aesthetic guaranteed his success in an arena to which he didn’t belong,” as she continues to delve into the topic while referring to white rappers as “vultures.”
Brian Pillman Jr is the son of Brian Pillman and like his father, he is a pro wrestler as well. The 2nd generation pro wrestler spoke out against this article and didn’t like the way it portrayed anyone discussed in it. Pillman Jr tweeted out:

“I find this article to be extremely racist. Not any one fashion is exclusive to any one skin color. White rappers aren’t “vultures” stealing hip hop culture from black people. Hip hop is for everyone, art is for everyone, and artists can wear whatever they damn well please!”

He followed it up with another tweet shaming Vice for putting this article on their site. We would love to hear your opinions on this matter so please use the comments below or contact us on any one of our many social media platforms.

H Jenkins

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